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Mateusz Wyrzykowski1


Publication language: Polish

Journal article

Transformations No. 1 (116) 2023 Publication date: 31 March 2023

Article No. 20230331153438535

Keywords: Smart City, modernisation, transgresion, Warsaw, technology

Abstract A Smart City is always treated only as a goal that works well in every modern city. In deliberations on this subject, there is a lack of value that this idea brings. Sometimes it’s even treated as an argument to obtain consent to purchase novelty items that have impact only on the image of the city. The article attempts to answer the question of what the city's road to Smart City looks like on the basis of the achievements of the sociology of social changes. For this purpose, the concepts of modernization (as defined by Piotr Sztompka and Witold Morawski) and transgression (as defined by Danuta Zalewska) were analyzed, referring to the dialectical concept of the technology of Henryk Skolimowski. Particular attention was paid to the attempt to find the center of gravity of the ideal smart city. In the research part of the article, an attempt was made to describe and analyze Warsaw as a Smart City by means of existing data analysis. During it, data collected during the update of the Warsaw development strategy until 2030 and the periodic research "Warsaw Barometer" were used.

  1. Wydział Socjologii i Pedagogiki, Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie, Polska

    E-mail: mateusz.wyrzykowski98@gmail.com