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Varia: Interpretations

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Transformations No. 4 (111) 2021 Publication date: 27 December 2021

Article No. 20211227112848222

Keywords: borderland research, Polish intercultural pedagogy, multiculturalism, intercultural communication, research centres on borderlands: Cieszyn, Białystok, Opole

Abstract The article points out relations between sources and transformations of Polish intercultural pedagogy and variously understood borderland contexts, because - paradoxically - borderlands are situated in the centre of pedagogical interests. Borderlands are situated in many ways in the centre of Polish intercultural pedagogy, and their recognition and research contributes to the transformation of intercultural pedagogy. Attention was paid to outlining currents of research on borderlands and intercultural relations, the research which is conducted by pedagogues (in an interdisciplinary setting) in university centres located in borderlands. In particular, the theoretical concepts of borderland, which are close to Bakhtin's (dialogic and open) interpretation of this cultural and educational phenomenon, were examined. Interdisciplinary references of pedagogical borderland research to the research in other scientific disciplines were shown. The transformative character of intercultural communication and its transgressive aspects are highlighted. Various difficulties and threats, which are related to the intensification of multiculturalism and identity change processes, were also taken into consideration. In the conclusion it is proposed, among other things, to edit an anthology of articles giving evidence about the course and effects of pedagogical recognition of borderland, which takes place in interdisciplinary dialogue, so that intercultural pedagogy becomes theoretically more mature and self-conscious of its scientific identity, and intercultural education is an effective and at the same time reflective pedagogical activity.

  1. Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, University of Silesia in Katowice (Cieszyn) Poland

    ORCID: 0000-0003-0295-0256

    E-mail: marek.rembierz@us.edu.pl