About the journal

Transformations is an interdisciplinary refereed, reviewed journal, published since 1992. The journal is devoted to i.a.:

  • civilizational and cultural transformations,
  • information (knowledge) societies,
  • global problematique,
  • sustainable development,
  • political philosophy and values,
  • future studies.

Transformations are a characteristic form and way of functioning, development, duration of the human world. Their ubiquity and importance leads us to consider the category of transformation as a kind of paradigm in the study of the development of technology, civilization, society, culture, values and beliefs. The consequences and potentialities of changes and transformations require new methodological approaches and tools, new visions and theoretical innovations, as well as capacity building to cope not only today, but also in the future.

An important aim of this journal is also to promote inter-, multi- and transdisciplinarity in research and analysis, prospective orientation and strategic and global thinking. The cognitive horizon of the posted texts is very wide - from theoretical and methodological approaches through national and regional to global and empirical topics. Descriptions and evaluations of specific experiences are also the focus of the journal.

Transformations has an international reach. In 2012 we signed a license agreement with the global database EBSCO Publishing (Ipswich , MA, USA). Since 2013, we have been indexed by INDEX COPERNICUS. Since 2014, we have been on the ERIH+ list.

It is published four times a year in Polish and English (separate texts).

ISSN 1230-0292
e-ISSN 2719-7158
MNiSW score: 140 pts.