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Maria MISIK1


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Transformacje Nr 3 (110) 2021 Data publikacji: 24 lutego 2022r.

Artykuł Nr 20220224180133231

Słowa kluczowe: person, personalism, pedagogy, transformations

Streszczenie Personalistic ideas are one of the sources of inspiration, postulates and aspirations of pedagogy, they open perspectives of seeing a man as a person (endowed with personal dignity). Assimilating personalistic views by pedagogy contributes to the personalistic transformation of pedagogy. If personalism makes a reevaluation in the sphere of axiological and anthropological assumptions of pedagogy, then it is worth considering from many points of view the personalistic inspirations and postulates that change the pedagogy, cause the processes of its transformation. In this article selected inspirations, postulates and perspectives of personalistic transformation of pedagogy will be considered. At the end of the considerations the question will be asked, which opens perspectives for further reflection and stimulates to continue the discussion - formulated by Bogusław Śliwerski: "What does pedagogical personalism bring with it, that some are inclined to see in it more threats than positive values?"

  1. Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Education, University of Silesia, Poland

    ORCID: 0000-0003-4852-3970