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Aurelia KUBICA1

Kultura i sztuka współcześnie

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Transformacje Nr 1-4 (72-75) 2012 Data publikacji: 25 października 2021r.

Artykuł Nr 20211025210016582

Streszczenie Widely understood forms of expanding the TV series universe have became the subject of this article. The various actions taken by the series creators and their audience, in effect show that the world presented in television production incorporates more and more media platforms and increasingly affects daily viewers. In most cases, the series are no longer a single, stand-alone “products". Today, more and more created intermedia brands contain a set of interconnected goods and services. The article discusses the issues related to serial products in the culture because that problem is closely related to TV shows and also contemporary everyday life. Recently generations coexist with each other and as a consequence we have observed extremely different approaches to emerging technologies and new media. Also we are dealing with very different reception attitudes among TV series viewers. Next to previously known styles collection, current reception styles appear to be different and open to unprecedented opportunities. Therefore, this article also addresses issues of style reception.

  1. Instytutu Nauk o Kulturze Wydziału Filologicznego Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach