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Wirtualizacja realnego świata

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Transformacje Nr 1-2 (68-69) 2011 Data publikacji: 13 października 2021r.

Artykuł Nr 20211013115313646

Streszczenie The objective of this paper is to present the research results regarding the impact of contemporary chatterbots on man and whether it is possible to change a conversation course between man and a chatterbot. Suitably prepared architecture based on a model of a human being and property corrected information, provided in the form of complex “intelligent” data structures, have beneficially contributed to designing Internet chatterbot projects which were subject to survey research. Studying the content of documents in the form of WWW websites with chatterbot implementations and interviews in the form of conversations conducted with these chatterbots, made it possible to determine the educational usefulness of software of this type e.g. as e-learning with the application of a human twin shape (avatar). Audiovisual effects and precisely refined synchronisation between mimics and the voice of a chatterbot, builds on the person conducting a conversation as a bonding spirit which is of significant importance for the effects of on-line education. An analysis of the research results allowed us to draw conclusions for designers of multimedia e-learning programmes, which are convergent with information available in the subject literature.

  1. Zakład Dydaktyki Przedmiotów Technicznych, Katedra Materiałoznawstwa, Wydział Informatyki i Nauki o Materiałach Uniwersytetu Śląskiego