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Społeczeństwo informacyjne – problemy i wyzwania

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Transformacje Nr 1-2 (68-69) 2011 Data publikacji: 13 października 2021r.

Artykuł Nr 20211013113404723

Streszczenie The danger of the uncontrolled use of computer and ICT networks advantages has begun to be noticed in Poland in the last few years. It has been extremely difficult to translate the language used by modern technology into legal language and catch the behaviour that isseemingly unimportant or of a minor consequence It is hence of great significance to adopt laws covering cyberspace behaviour as much as possible. Liability for illegal content disseminated in ICT networks is defined by general legislation, mainly in penal and civil laws. The Penal Code regulates issues concerning the dissemination of illegal material in networks, as well as questions with regard to the protection of information kept in teleinformatic systems. Inadequate definition harmonization still causes problems. The EU directive regarding retention of data and blocking of Internet sites gives rise to a lively debate.

  1. Pracownia Informatyki Prawniczej, Katedra Teorii i Filozofii Prawa, Kolegium Prawa Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego w Warszawie