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Społeczeństwo informacyjne – problemy i wyzwania

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Transformacje Nr 1-2 (68-69) 2011 Data publikacji: 12 października 2021r.

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Streszczenie The global system is struggling with the world of Wiki. It is not possible to explain this fact without taking into account both the political and economic context. From a human perspective network technologies offer comfort of life, although this is a comfort that is increasingly monitored. Nonetheless, the biggest profits are generated by a movement of people and symbols, hence transport and digital technologies are flag fields of the infrastructure of today's capitalism. Technologies need to be more and more friendly. , Anyone who slows down system operations is an enemy: crackers, phishers, spamers, hacktivists, cyberterrorists. Data protection is expensive, the demand for "bodyguards" of data and information is constantly increasing, destroying social capital, building walls of mistrust and increasing transaction costs. Hypertext and interface are two mantras jointly reflecting human condition in the digital age. Numerization and scientification of our survival extends. We function more and more as particles of a digital code in real as well as virtual space , while software maintains a powerful tool for acquiring and aggregating data about people. Is the trend toward disclosure of everything a sure thing? Or is splitting the Internet in a sphere accessible to everybody and a sphere unreachable for search engines a more correct assumption?

  1. Instytut Socjologii, Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych i Społecznych Szkoły Wyższej Psychologii Społecznej w Warszawie